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Celia Kibler
Family Empowerment Coach,
Founder, Pumped Up Parenting (2016)
Co-Founder, Funfit® Family Fitness (1987)
Author, Raising Happy Toddlers

Because We're

Raising Adults,

not Children!

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Hi! I'm Celia and I'd like to welcome you to

Pumped Up Parenting.

I specialize in offering my clients easy-to-follow solutions to the constant challenges that come with parenting children.


    I am on a mission to stop 1,000,000 parents from yelling at their kids. Believe it or not, it all starts with you and the way you are parenting and understand your child. So much that I teach parents, is answered with a reply of, "I honestly, never knew."


   It's your job as a parent to learn as much as you can about your child and what makes them tick, so that you can parent them in a way that creates a confident, contributing, kind and happy adult.


  As a child who had a Dad that would yell often, I learned early on the devastating affects of growing up in a house where there is a lot of yelling and negativity. Kids that grow up in that environment, lack confidence in themselves and have an extremely low self-worth.


   Through my work with parents, I strive to give them the successful techniques and strategies so that all children and parents can live through childhoods that they blossom from instead of recover from.


   I come from a very loving home with 3 siblings. As explained in the above paragraph, my Dad has some mental abuse issues, including a very short temper. However, both my parents always had our backs and always showed us unconditional love.


   In the summer of 7th grade, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. I had 3 curves in my spine and was required to wear a body brace that went from my hips to my neck for the next 5 years, 22 out of 24 hours a day. I learned a lot from that experience, good and bad, but mostly good. My monthly appointments were held at Baltimore's Children's Hospital and the out-patient clinic was located next to the terminal ward, where the kids were dying and clearly dealing with a. whole lot more than I was. it was with this experience that I realized how lucky I was that all I had to do was wear a brace and when I took it off, no one even knew anything was wrong with me. Don't get me wrong, I was not a fan of that brace at all and socially it caused a lot of looks and stares and rejections. Overall, however, I didn't complain because I truly felt like I had no right to. The kids I saw monthly during my visits had so much more to deal with then I did. They were dying of their ailment, I was just wearing an apparatus that was unusual, uncomfortable, but still removable. It was here I built a lifelong belief that regardless of what I am going through, there is always someone else that has a much greater challenger and I should always be grateful for the gifts I have. I include this belief in my coaching and encourage parents to teach this and practice gratitude with their children.


   I am a Mom of 5 kids, 2 that I gave birth to and 3 that I gained through the marriage with my 2nd husband Rock. My oldest is 38 and my youngest is 31. For 24 of these years, I successfully parenting this blended family. I also have 9 grandchildren, many of whom I have helped to parent and care for over the years.

   In addition to these 38 years of real-life parenting experience, I have 40 years of educational and professional experience working with kids and their parents, including the challenge community, teen moms, infants through young adults.

   In 1987, I founded Funfit® Family Fitness with my sister Maddi, creating non-competitive, fun, active classes, camps & special events for

ages 11 months through 13 years, that encourages all-inclusive programming regardless of gender, ability or skill level.

  I bring all of my expertise to you so that you can are able to learn from someone who has not just read solutions from a book, back has lived through and found successful parenting solutions for all the phases of a child's life, as well as the many situations positive and negative, that present themselves along the way. 

   My gift is offering simple, actionable, doable steps that create success for you sooner than later. My coaching is results driven and I work with families that see a major shift in 90 days or less.

I am excited to see that shift happening for you!

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