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How is the Food You Feed Your Kids Affecting Your Kids?

We all know that we should be eating healthy foods each day. But you’re in a hurry, you gotta go, the kids are not listening and you’re just going to grab the first thing you can to get something in their bellies. You’re ready to scream! You’re not alone, but…

Consider this… if what you have to grab is chips, cookies, soda, donuts and candy… is that really going to help you or are you just filling your kids up with empty calories, too much sugar and foods that will cause them stomach discomfort and make them moody. When you have a lot of sugary snacks in the house for kids and you to grab or eat between meals, then you are getting in the habit of not grabbing healthier alternatives.

Sugar, fats and fast food options will cause discomfort, energy crashes and generally make kids hard to deal with. They get wound up, they can lose focus, they tend not to listen and they can have a lot of mood swings. Is this really what you want or is this more of what you’re trying to avoid?

Let’s think for a minute. You’re are losing your mind, pulling your hair out and trying to get your kids to listen. You say, “OK, if you get your work done, I will give you a candy when you’re finished.” Is this really a reward? Is this going to make you or them calm down? Is this contributing to their habit of a reward is food and a lot of times, sugar?

Rewards for kids can be anything, but preferably not a sugary treat which will only aggravate the situation by making them become more out of control. How about, change that reward of candy, to… we will all play a game together when you get your work done… OR… we will go to the park as soon as you’re finished.

In your house, start making snack time, real food time. Have cut up carrots and celery in the fridge for an easy grab. Add some hummus or salsa, kids love to dip. Have a bowl of oranges, bananas and other fruit out on the counter to eat at anytime or when you’re running out the door. Plan meals WITH your kids. Take them shopping and teach them about healthy eating and understanding food labels. Then, let them help you make the food. Kids love to eat what they create.

Other important tips…

Eat together as a family at the table, NOT in front of the TV. Conversation allows for a natural control of the amount of food you eat and adds to bonding between parents and kids.

Schedule your child’s day from morning to night. Make sure you allow enough time in the morning for a good breakfast, not a lot of fast sugar.

Add Color to your meals, it adds nutrition!

There are so many ways to get kids to eat healthier and calm down their behavior and allow for more focus and concentration when needed. You’ll feel better too.

If this post was helpful to you, comment below and let’s help some more parents! Feel free to share this with anyone who has kids or just might enjoy the read.

Peace, Love & Laughter!


Celia Kibler


Let’s raise happy and healthy kids together!

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