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5 Tips to Feeding Your Kids for Peak Performance

Peak Performance is achieved when your kids feel their best. It’s the little things in life that will give your kids the winning edge. Eating well keeps a body strong and alert. Peak Performance is easy when your body is feeling great and your mind is awake. Nutrition is key.

1. KEEP IT SIMPLE. You say you can’t cook or make fancy dinners? Who needs to. Kids will eat what you put in front of them in the simplest form when you train them to and it’s never too late to start. Baked chicken, a veggie and a side of grains and you’ve got yourself a healthy meal that your kids will eat. Don’t offer something other than what you’re eating. What the family eats, everyone eats.

2. HEALTHY SNACKS READY TO GO. They open the fridge to snack and find cut celery, strawberries, blueberries, cut up red, yellow or green peppers... they grab it and go. It’s easy and healthy and makes choosing wisely a breeze. Poor snacking can lead to sluggish behavior. Healthy snacking is a necessity for peak performance and a strong, energized body.

3. AVOID SUGARY FOODS & SODA. Why poison your kids before they can make decisions for themselves. Teach them and help them. So many parents are exhausted when their kids are “out of control”, put food in them that will keep them “in control”. A “good-for-you-soda” can be made mixing 1/3 of a glass of 100% juice with Seltzer or Club Soda. Read my blog about the acid in soda, it’s an eye-opener.

4. INCLUDE FRESH FOODS IN MEALS, NOT BOXED FROM THE FREEZER. Use as many fresh ingredients in your meal planning as possible. Dinners and meals that are boxed and ready to go from your freezer contain a lot of salt, fat and genetically modified food and preservatives. When you add a variety of colors of food to your plate, the more appealing & healthier the meal is. Make it fresh and your body and your kid’s bodies, will thank you for it.

5. WATER, IT’S WHAT TO DRINK. Hydration is vital to the growing body and brain. Water is the best form of hydration and you should offer it frequently to your kids. Don’t assume they won’t drink it if it is not flavored. Give them a water bottle to carry with them, especially when they are participating in physical activities outdoors and indoors. Peak Performance on the field, begins with a well hydrated body.

Remember that you are your kids biggest role model. So take all of these suggestions to heart and you will ALL be stronger, wiser and happier!

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Celia Kibler


I teach you how to raise happy and healthy kids!

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