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A Holiday Message

A Holiday Message, as we celebrate around the world.

As we celebrate the start of Chanukah and the continuing celebrations of this holiday season, I am sickened by the massacre of so many children in Pakistan. How hatred can be so strong as to take the lives of our most innocent and precious, disturbs me to the depth of my soul. I pray for their families and I pray for this world, that people can learn to accept each other’s differences and peace can calm the planet. Hug your children, teach them to love their fellow man and respect the lives they live. We can only do it one child at a time. Don’t take our children for granted. Nourish them, guide them, honor them, respect them and love them unconditionally. They are the face of the future, and the future needs their help desperately.

I wish everyone a holiday filled with peace, love and laughter.

Celia Kibler


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