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The Fidget Spinner: Friend or Foe

Fidget Spinners… are they our friend or our foe? It’s all the craze and it may even be making YOU crazy. Well, you’re not the only one. I know it’s making some schools and camps crazy too.

So, what’s a parent to do?  Read More

Please Stop Whining! Here’s 6 Steps to Help

All kids whine at one time or another, heck, adults do too. Adults you can walk away from, your kids you can’t, or can you? Try these tips with your kids and you may just limit the times you have to listen to the whine. Read more

Think Before You Drink… The Real Dangers of Drinking Soda

Are your kids Sodaholics? Is every meal accompanied with soda of some kind. THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK… or your children drink! Do you really know the dangers of drinking soda? What is it doing to your body. Sure, we all know about the sugar, but what else can be so bad? After all, it keeps them from complaining, right? Read more

Are You Expecting Your Kids to be Wise Beyond Their Years?


I have been teaching kids and their parents for over 30 years and I have seen all kinds of parents, from ones that understand what abilities children have at their age, to those that think they are adults at the ripe age of 2. Know anyone like this? Are you like this?  Read more

How is the Food You Feed Your Kids Affecting Your Kids?

We all know that we should be eating healthy foods each day. But you’re in a hurry, you gotta go, the kids are not listening and you’re just going to grab the first thing you can to get something in their bellies. You’re ready to scream! You’re not alone, but… Read more

Are You Making Your Kid a Spoiled Brat?

Are you making your kid a spoiled brat by being a well-meaning parent? It’s ok. Many parents that think they are helping, but in reality, they are not. Sometimes your kids have to learn for themselves.

Here’s some helpful advice. Read more

Separated? Divorced? Put the Kids First!

Really? What are you doing? Are you really putting your precious kids in the middle of your problems? Let’s talk about it!  Read more

Be The One to SMILE!

Be the one to Smile & say HI to a complete stranger today. Be the one that says “Thank You” by name to the person helping you at the store. Be the one that encourages someone else to complete a goal. Be the one that reaches out to someone in need. Read more

Speak Life!


What are you saying to yourself? To your kids? SPEAK LIFE!

Encourage your kids to finish this sentence with an uplifting thought. Pick 10 to say to yourself every morning & teach your kids to do the same. Read more

20 Healthy Snacks for You & Your Kids

Snacking can be healthy with just a little effort and thinking ahead. Here is a list of 20 Healthy Easy-to-Grab Snacks for you and your kids. Read more

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