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Flexibility & Change Energize Life!

Something New is about to begin. Flexibility and change can be just the thing to energize your life and your child’s life.

It’s all in how you view the new, as to how your child views it too.  Read More

Is Bedtime, Awake Time?

So many new parents struggle with Bedtime and all too often, it becomes Awake Time. Let’s face it, you just had a baby and you’re tired. You’re tired from the delivery, you’re tired from all the visitors, you’re tired of the phone calls, you’re tired of the constant care of this new little blessing that just joined your life. As Madeline Kahn, sang so well in Blazing Saddles…. Let’s Face It, I’m Tired!

“I just want to sleep and my baby just wants to stay awake.” Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone and NONE of this makes you a bad parent. Read more

10 Tips to Teach Your Kids Compassion

Parents ask, “How can I teach my kids compassion?” How can I get them to understand the true meaning of giving & receiving?” Well, here’s 10 Tips that are easy to do and make a huge impact for someone else when complete. These can be done as a family, a group or just one child at a time. You decide. Read more

Be a Shining Example

“Do as I say, not as I do“, is simply not true. Be a shining example to your kids. Take the time to honestly examine yourself. Do you like what you see? Would you be proud of your kids if they turned out just like you? If you honestly answered, YES, then congratulations you are a shining example to your kids! However, no one is perfect and if you wish you were a little nicer, a little more polite, wished you didn’t have some of the habits that you have… well, guess what, it’s time to make a change. Read more

5 Tips to Feeding Your Kids for Peak Performance

Peak Performance is achieved when your kids feel their best. It’s the little things in life that will give your kids the winning edge. Eating well keeps a body strong and alert. Peak Performance is easy when your body is feeling great and your mind is awake. Nutrition is key. Read more

A Holiday Message

A Holiday Message, as we celebrate around the world.

As we celebrate the start of Chanukah and the continuing celebrations of this holiday season, I am sickened by the massacre of so many children in Pakistan. Read more

Why Creative Fitness Matters For Special Abilities

As the United States struggles to make progress in the obesity fight, one aspect of the battle often gets overlooked; children with special abilities. The struggle to meet the daily recommendation of 60 minutes of physical aerobic activity daily for children ages 6-17, kids with unique physical or cognitive challenges often fail to come close to reaching that daily goal. Read more

It’s not the 60’s, but your child may be on acid!


As news of a new Gallup poll reveals that nearly two-thirds of Americans say they avoid soda in their diet, we are also reading about new research that reveals sugary drinks may damage children’s brains so badly that it affects their memory. Read more

Protect the skin you’re in, but watch the hidden dangers within

Summer is the time for outdoor adventures, beach vacations, endless days of playing with friends, baseball games, cookouts and swimming in your favorite swimming holes. But summer also is a great time to discuss the power of the sun. We all know that too much of a good thing is bad for us, but did you know that getting too little sun can be a problem?  Read more

Exercise: Make it Fun, Add Family & Energize Everyone

You can be so creative when you exercise together. Make it FUN! Music will get things moving.

Add Family and be role models for each other. Energize everyone by being creative and thinking up new ways to get moving. Read more

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