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BULLYING, It’s not just for the schoolyard anymore

Remember Our Gang? You know, the Little Rascals? One thing that stands out from the show is a schoolyard bully named Butch. He loved to get his way through intimidation, but in the end, it was the good guys who came out on top. While that was Hollywood, unfortunately when it comes to bullying, the good guys don’t always win. Read More

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Time to re-evaluate what you eat

It’s National Nutrition Month and a good time to re-evaluate what you eat. As a nutritionist, people are always asking what they should eat to stay healthy. Is there a secret ingredient? Is there a way I should eat?  Read more

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Get Your Kids To Do What You Want

Getting your kids to do what you want them to do, is as easy as changing the way you think about any given situation. Parents these days are so busy, at home, at work and at play. Very often, their kids get in the way of work that has to be done. Don’t pull your hair out. Instead of yelling at them or aggravating yourself over the fact that they are not listening to you, why not take a more creative approach to getting your way. Read more

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Fun is the Heart of the Family


Fun adds energy, laughter, smiles, joy, relaxation, conversation and an excitement to be a part of the family. If you’re not having fun, it causes tension, stress, anger, mood swings, disappointment, and teaches your children that family and home is not a good place to be. Read more

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Empower Your Kids!

It’s a new year and a new day to for a new start. There are so many ways to build your kids up & empower them, instead of tearing them down. The way you speak to them, the things you do WITH them, the way you live your life as an example for them to follow.  Read more

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Baby It's Cold Outside!

Baby, it’s cold outside, really cold, but it should be plenty warm inside. Soooo, make it a great day!

This is a unique opportunity to simply enjoy the company of your family. My kids are grown now, but it wasn’t too long ago when they were teens that we had a similarly frigid weekend. My 3 stepsons were in (all 5 kids were present and accounted for) and we were all stuck in the house.

Read more

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The Power of Play

What is the power of play? Well, before you run out this holiday season and purchase every toy that has an electronic component to it, or if you already have, think about this. How will your child interact with this toy? Will your child be using their imagination to play with this toy, or will the toy be telling the child what to do? Will your child be creating different scenarios with this toy and using their own kid power to play with it? Are they moving around with this toy, can they play physically with others when using it? Read more

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Processed Foods: Bad for Adults, Bad for Baby

There’s so much talk about processed foods for adults, but babies?

One of the most troubling things found in our grocery stores are processed foods. What makes that even more difficult to digest is that the baby food aisle is one of the worst offenders. 

Read more

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Keeping Your Kids Energized

Keeping your kids alert and energized to start each and everyday is as easy as putting a few things together. Healthy eating, exercise and a good nights sleep will do the trick. Keep healthy food items (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, etc.) readily available for a child to easily reach for when they get hungry.  Read more

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Celia featured on Peaceful Parents BlogTalkRadio Sat., Nov. 2

Discussing “Empowering America’s Future through Fitness” will be today’s topic on the Peaceful Parents Radio Show. Get ready to write some notes with this important information that you can put into action with your kids. Use this link… Read more

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