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Are you concerned about your child's character development and what adult they will become?

There's no one answer for what qualities you want to see in your child as they grow into adulthood, but there are some that are universally admired.


Among them are kindness, respectfulness, and a capacity for love.


As a parent, you can help your child develop these qualities by modelling them yourself and providing opportunities for practice. 

You can encourage acts of kindness by discussing why helping others feels good.


You can provide opportunities to practice respectful behavior by setting rules for how family members treat one another and enforcing those rules consistently. 

And you can help your child learn to love by showing them unconditional love and acceptance.

When it comes to building character, every little bit counts.

Creating a loving and supportive home environment gives your child the foundation to grow into a kind, respectful and loving adult.

Learn about the different qualities that make up a good character, how to teach these qualities to your child in a fun and engaging way, and have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice from our expert Celia Kibler on character development.

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