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Are you Ready to give your attendees, a speaker that they connect with, laugh with, receive real solutions to the parenting issues that they experience every day.

You feel stuck. You feel like a bad parent.

You don't know how to handle this next stage.

You worry about what will happen to your kids a few years down the road if everything stays the way it is.

Group and One-on-one private coaching with Celia will get you clear on where you want you and your family to go.

You will get over the speed bumps that are slowing you down.

You will get past your fears that are blocking the way.

As your Coach, I partner with you to create the results you want, challenge and motivate you to take action toward your goals, provide feedback, support and accountability, and help your overcome mental barriers and self-limiting beliefs.

It's a path that will lead you to family harmony, confidence and success.

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