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Behavior and Words




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About the Course

Crafting Communication That Shapes Character

Embark on an educational journey designed to refine the way you communicate with your child, ensuring that every word and action from you fosters an environment of respect, love, and serene dialogue. This course will serve as your blueprint for becoming the role model your child deserves, one conversation at a time.

Why Engaging in This Course is Critical for Parents

  • Influential Modeling: Recognize and harness your immense influence as your child’s primary role model. Learn how to communicate in ways that inspire them to emulate the best of behaviors.

  • Message Mastery: Become intentional with your words, ensuring that what you say and how you say it consistently conveys the right message to your child.

  • Harmony in the Home: Discover the keys to nurturing an atmosphere where calm communication is the norm, reducing conflict and promoting a peaceful home environment.

What You Will Learn

  • The Impact of Words: Grasp the profound effect that your verbal and non-verbal communication has on your child’s development.

  • Consistency in Behavior: Find out how to maintain a steady demeanor that encourages your child to adopt similarly stable and respectful behaviors.

  • Effective Discipline: Learn techniques for disciplining that are grounded in love and respect, rather than fear or anger.

Course Features

7 Training Videos and 1 Handout.

  • Handout: Your Comprehensive Guide to Constructive Communication — A valuable resource for quick reference to maintain the course’s teachings in your daily interactions.

A Message to Parents

This course is more than a set of instructions, it's a transformational tool that will empower you to become the communicator and role model you aspire to be. Through this series of seven insightful training videos, coupled with a supportive handout, you’ll gain the knowledge and practical skills necessary to positively shape your child's behavior and way of speaking.

Take the first step towards transforming your family's communication dynamics. Enroll now to build the foundation of respect, love, and effective dialogue that will lead to success and happiness for your entire family. Let's shape their future with every word.

Your Instructor

Celia Kibler

Celia Kibler
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