Tuesday, May 26th 8:30pm EST

ZOOM Conferencing

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Just $20.20/person or couple*

(*couple must live in the same location)


Are you the type of person that blames your life's situation on others, on the past, on money, on the environment, on the virus, on everything else but the real reason? 

Are your kids this way? Do you feel like they're so busy blaming you or everyone & everything else, that they never realize that they are in control of it all?

Are you ready to stop stalling and start moving?

Do you have that one thing that you have put off for days, months or even years and you have used every excuse in the book as to why it's not getting done?

Then this class is for YOU, as well as for helping your KIDS!

(btw, kids are absolutely welcome to attend).

This Master Class will show you how to stop blaming and start doing!

You'll learn the step-by-step process to start taking control over your life, to help your kids take control over their lives and to start moving forward consistently, pro-actively and with persistence.

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