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Parenting may be a rollercoaster, but raising your voice doesn't have to be part of the ride.

Embrace the ups and downs of parenting with calm confidence,

Discover how to keep your cool, even when the ride gets wild.

Proven Methods

Community Connection

Interactive Learning Tools:

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.

We are on a mission to break the vicious cycle of yelling being carried on from generation to generation and bring about peace and harmony in as many families as possible.

At Pumped Up Parenting, we're not just changing conversations; we're shaping the future voices in your child's head.

This is done through doable, actionable, and tried and tested strategies that build mutual trust and respect in the family along with giving the children more confidence, security and independence.


What We Offer

Each offering is designed to resonate with your heart and mind, providing not just knowledge, but an emotional and practical toolkit for your parenting adventure.

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Transformative Journey

Feel the joy of progress with every lesson, as you turn challenges into triumphs.


Join the ranks of countless parents who have transformed their families.

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Reading at Home


Wisdom at Your Fingertips

Loved by parents worldwide, Celia's books come highly recommended for their practicality and relatable content.

Each page resonates with experiences and insights,

Working at Home


Your Parenting Companion

Our podcasts aren't just talks; they're stories that inspire and motivate.


Each episode is a blend of expert knowledge and real-life parenting challanges

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Real Solutions for Real Families

At Pumped Up Parenting, we recognize the unique challenges and beautiful complexities of family life. Our courses are not just educational tools; they are bridges to deeper connections and happier homes.


Crafted with real-life scenarios in mind, each course offers practical, easy-to-implement strategies that cater to the diverse needs of modern families.


Whether you're navigating toddler tantrums, fostering teen independence, or seeking to strengthen family bonds, our solutions are designed to bring about positive, lasting change.

Ideal for Busy Parents

Rich in Strategies and Insights

Self-Paced Learning

Real Stories, Real Change: Our Success Stories

This challenge was a heart-opener. It broke my cycle of impatience and yelling, bringing patience and respect into our home. It's not just a parenting fix; it's a life-changer.

Isidora Pinto

Santiago, Chile

I was skeptical, but this challenge changed everything in just 21 days. My kids and I communicate better, and our home is happier. It's practical, effective, and truly transformative.

Dr Seema Sharma
New Delhi, India

The 21-Day Stop Yelling Challenge transformed our home from chaos to calm. I've learned to understand and connect with my child in ways I never thought possible. It's a must for any parent seeking peace and deeper bonds.

Tilly Green,
Hayes Valley

Be Part of a Global Parenting Revolution
-Join the Tranquility Tribe

Step into a world where transformative parenting strategies meet the warmth of a supportive community. Our carefully curated membership plans are more than just a learning resource; they are your gateway to a harmonious family life.

Choose the plan that speaks to you and unlock a world of exclusive benefits and profound family connections:

  • SILVER MEMBERSHIP: A Stepping Stone to T

    Every month
    $270 (or 12 payments of $27)
    Valid for 12 months
    • Complete Academy Access: Entry to the Tranquility Tribe
    • Live Master Classes: Monthly sessions on key parenting topic
    • Community Support: Access to a private Facebook group.
    • Daily Affirmations: Boost your confidence with daily posts.
    • Discounts: 5% off future Pumped Up Parenting courses.
  • Best Value


    Every month
    $970 (or 12 payments of $97)
    Valid for 12 months
    • Includes Everything in Silver, plus:
    • Additional Discount: 10% off future courses.
    • Bi-Monthly Live Coaching: Personalized advice in Zoom Q&A se
    • Bonus Content:Specialized training in Kids vs Video Games
    • Bonus Content:Specialized training Bedtime & Sleep Training.

    Every month
    $1,970 (or 12 payments of $197)
    Valid for 12 months
    • Includes Everything in Gold, plus:
    • Increased Discount: 20% off future courses.
    • Monthly In-Depth Coaching: 90-minute group coaching calls fo
    • Exclusive Access: Full access to the Master Class Vault

Your Path to Empowered Parenting Begins Here

As you explore our site, remember that you're not alone on this journey.


Join over 10 million parents who have already embarked on the transformative path with Pumped Up Parenting.


Together, we're not just changing the way we raise our children; we're shaping a brighter future for families worldwide.

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