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10 Kitchen Items that can do cool stuff and help you & your family feel better

What’s in your Kitchen? Is it more than just food?

We have to buy so much and so many things that just do one specific thing. Wouldn’t it be great if a common item that you have in your kitchen could be more than food and take care of some of the things that ail you? Well, there are actually many items that do and here is a list of 10 to get you started.

1. CLUB SODA has many uses outside of just something to drink. Substitute the liquid requirement in the recipe when making waffles or pancakes for Club Soda and watch the Fluffiness begin!

  1. Feed your Plants… Club Soda has minerals that help plants grow. So instead of throwing away club soda that has gone flat, feed it to your plants.

  2. Use it to remove stains in fabric and carpets.

  3. Clean jewelry and precious gems.

  4. Clean your car windshield, countertops and surfaces

  5. Removes rust.

2. OATMEAL is not just great for breakfast, it’s help for your irritated skin too. Grind up about a 1/2 cup of oatmeal and add it to your bath and soak and relax. Mix oatmeal and water into a paste and apply it directly to irritated, chapped or dry areas of your skin.

3. SEA SALT blended with Coconut Oil creates a great exfoliant for your skin and the combination moisturizes too.

4. CUCUMBERS contain ascorbic and caffeic acids that reduces water retention in your eyes, so cut a slice and rest it on each eye to alleviate puffiness.

5. SUGAR is sweet, but did you know it can get rid of hiccups? Hold a teaspoon under your tongue until your hiccups are gone.

6. APPLES absorb acid. Eat a sweet apple to rid yourself of stomach acids and aid in acid reflux.

7. PRUNES to Go! Whole, dried or juiced, Prunes aid in digestion and relief of constipation. Plus they provide good energy with a sugar rush.

8. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, so little does so much. Drink a Tablespoon a day. Add it to your smoothie, it’s a great way to avoid the strong flavor.

  1. Aids in Weight loss

  2. Helps Acid Reflux

  3. Helps Blood Pressure

  4. Helps Diabetes

  5. The best SUNBURN relief you can buy!

9. GINGER helps Nausea and Menstrual Discomfort. Try a cup of Ginger Tea or Ginger Chews to dissolve in your mouth.

10. CRANBERRIES great for Thanksgiving, but should be eaten everyday. Whole, dried, 100% Juice, Relish… however you enjoy them, they will aid in a healthy urinary track, especially valuable to women.

Keep these stocked in your kitchen and give them a try and let me know which ones you like best and what you are regularly using. Don’t forget to give some to your kids for their health too.

If this post was helpful to you, comment below and let’s help some more parents! Feel free to share this with anyone who is looking for a bit of help with the kids and their peace of mind.

Peace, Love & Laughter!

Celia Kibler


Teaching parents how to create a healthy physical and emotional

environment for a balanced family life.

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