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10 Tips to Tame Those Tantrums

Are those tantrums making you nuts?

Do you wonder, when does this phase stop?

You’re not alone, in fact, I bet you know some grown-ups that still throw tantrums.

You know I get your frustration. I’ve raised 5 kids and they all threw tantrums at some point of time or another. But the reality was, I never gave in and was able to get them under control and keep them from reoccurring over and over.

So, here’s 10 tips to help you get through it and stop the tantrums from happening again.and feel free to apply some of these tips to co-workers, spouses, older siblings… anyone you know that throws tantrums in response to not getting their way.

1. Remain Calm and stay in control. Whatever you do DON’T GIVE IN.

2. If you’re somewhere safe, walk away and let the tantrum run its course.

3. Do not add to it by yelling and screaming.

4. Remember, you’re the grown-up.

5. Never try to rationalize or talk with the child during their tantrum.

6. Once the child calms down, then discuss what happened, hug it out and always tell them you love them.

7. Distractions work great… dance, music, balloons (under-inflated), laughter, etc.

8. Recognize their triggers… Sleep, Hunger, Thirst, Overwhelm. Satisfy these triggers first when planning activities.

9. Give them positive attention when things are going great!

10. Be a role model… control your reaction to your emotions, so they can learn by following your lead.

I encourage you to be pro-active and try these strategies with the next tantrum.

Comment below & tell me how it went.

Need more help, let’s talk…

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