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Baby It's Cold Outside!

Baby, it’s cold outside, really cold, but it should be plenty warm inside. Soooo, make it a great day!

This is a unique opportunity to simply enjoy the company of your family. My kids are grown now, but it wasn’t too long ago when they were teens that we had a similarly frigid weekend. My 3 stepsons were in (all 5 kids were present and accounted for) and we were all stuck in the house. We had no electricity, but we had a fireplace and all 7 of us stayed in the living room by the warm fire, we ate & slept there all together. We decided we would occupy our time by playing board games. Although some of our teens complained at first, it wasn’t too long before we were all laughing, warm and having lots of fun. This is still a treasured memory for our family, and when we mention playing a board game now, whether at home or on vacation, no one ever complains and joins in for the fun. There is always a way to turn hard times into good times when your family is around. Come together and create a memory regardless of the situation and your family will be stronger for it. Always look at the bright side of any situation and teach your kids to do the same.

They will thank you for it!

Stay warm & enjoy each other.

Let me know what you do as a family that creates lasting memories & fun.

Peace, Love & Laughter,

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