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Exercise: Make it Fun, Add Family & Energize Everyone

You can be so creative when you exercise together. Make it FUN! Music will get things moving.

Add Family and be role models for each other. Energize everyone by being creative and thinking up new ways to get moving.

I’ve added a video called Yoga Surfing! for you to enjoy & show how we worked on our balance in our Family Yoga class in a new, untraditional way. You can see how much fun the kids and the parents were having. You can do this at home too.

Think of different ways to exercise together. Did you know that most commercials on TV last 30 seconds. Here’s a fun game, every time a commercial comes on, have someone in the family think up a fun exercise you can all do together for the length of the commercial. Each commercial is a different family member leading a new exercise. Jumping, bending, balancing, passing a ball to each other, running in place, sit on the couch and get up again… up & down & up & down for 30 seconds. Be creative and you’ll be surprised what a difference it will make & how much fun your family will have exercising together.

More ideas… Go for walks & runs, switch off & on over & over. Tag in the backyard, get the neighbors involved. Take a class together, like the Yoga one in the video.

Let me know what ideas you have come up with. Remember, exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be the most fun you’ve had all day!

Peace, Love, Laughter,

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