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Get Your Kids To Do What You Want

Getting your kids to do what you want them to do, is as easy as changing the way you think about any given situation. Parents these days are so busy, at home, at work and at play. Very often, their kids get in the way of work that has to be done. Don’t pull your hair out. Instead of yelling at them or aggravating yourself over the fact that they are not listening to you, why not take a more creative approach to getting your way.

In short, if you need to get something done and your kids are in the way of you accomplishing that, why not see how they can help you get your work done more efficiently and without as much interruption.

Here’s an example:

You’re trying to cook dinner and your kids are under your feet. LITTLE ONES: Why not set up a drawer in the kitchen that is filled with real kitchen tools (nothing that can harm them; i.e. wooden spoons, whisks, measuring cups) and tell them that we are going to make dinner together and fix them up their own food creation station. BIG KIDS: Big kids can be in the kitchen helping and learning how to prepare meals. Cooking and meal planning and prep is a much needed life skill to pass on to your kids and it’s never too early to start.

You’re trying to get some work done at home instead of going into the office and your children keep interrupting you. Let them know that right now is “work timeand they are working too. You can all work in the same room, so that they are with you. LITTLE KIDS: You can give them papers, a play phone (or a real phone that you pick up at a thrift shop), give them books and mimic the environment you are working in, so that they feel a part of the business and still spending time with you. BIG KIDS: You can give them assignments that will help you get your work done; filing, data entry, the office cleaned, trash out, chores that they can do and even earn money for working for you. This can be the start of teaching your kids money management.

There are lots of scenarios you can create that will give your kids the time they need to be with you and their need to feel involved in your day.

Don’t forget to include special child time. Remember, your child is only young once and it goes very quickly. Have a time during your day or evening that is just for them. Turn off the electronics, silence your cell phone and give an hour or more of undivided attention to your child. Read books, do puzzles, play a board game, play tag outside or take a family walk; make it an interactive time, not just everyone sitting in front of the TV. It will be the special memories of childhood that your kids will never forget.

With just a little creative thinking, you can make what may be a negative situation, into a very positive one.

Peace, Love & Laughter,

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