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Please Stop Whining! Here’s 6 Steps to Help

All kids whine at one time or another, heck, adults do too. Adults you can walk away from, your kids you can’t, or can you? Try these tips with your kids and you may just limit the times you have to listen to the whine.

  1. SMILE when you talk. This goes for your kids & you. Do you know that when talking on the phone or just listening to someone that you can’t see, you can always hear a smile. So smile when you talk and encourage your kids to too. The can’t whine when they say it with a smile.

  2. Do NOT Answer them, even walk away if necessary. Tell them that you are happy to hear what they have to say, but they have to tell you without whining. Using manners will make this much easier as well.

  3. MODEL this behavior. You need to also speak with a smile and use your manners. Your children will naturally follow your lead.

  4. EXPLAIN and demonstrate the difference between “whiny” talk and pleasant speech. Let them hear it for themselves and ask them which they like better.

  5. Use a SECRET CODE to remind them not to whine and invite them to use the same code if they catch you whining or speaking disrespectfully. After all, we are all human and we all make mistakes. Your kids will love that they can help you to be better at communication too. Examples of secret codes: tap your nose, wiggle your ear, choose a secret word that when spoken means, “you’re whining again”. A secret code can eliminate the repetition of always saying, “Stop whining.”

  6. Use FUNNY VOICES to break up the whine and get your kids to shine and laugh. They’ll use funny voices too.

Remember, whining is sometimes your child’s way of saying, “I need a little attention.” So if you haven’t done something special with your child recently, this could be a great time to break our a game, cards or a puzzle. Let me know if these tips helped you and your children. Comment below and thank you for reading and sharing. Peace, Love, Laughter to all! Celia


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