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The Best New Year’s Resolution You Can Make


You want to overcome negativity, but you can’t seem to stop thinking in this manner… it’s ok, everyone has experienced these thoughts, but you can definitely overcome the obstacles that they present when it comes to living a happy life.

It’s easy to get frustrated and give in to the negative thoughts that come so quickly when we experience something that’s not ideal to us. This is in fact “too easy” and that’s why many people choose to leave it be, rather than doing something to try and overcome negativity.

There are some great ways to overcome negativity and I want to share 8 tips to overcome negativity, so you can learn to embrace your situations…

Realize That You Have Negative Thinking

The first thing that you MUST do is realize the fact that you may be a negative person. This may sound a little harsh and my apologies if you may feel offended but if you don’t realize you are negative… you won’t feel the need to do something to change that about yourself.

Stop and think next time a negative thought pops up in your head and ask yourself why you feel that way. Before you make a post on social media, think to yourself, is this a complaint or something positive to offer the world.

Start Seeing The Good Instead of The Bad

Everything has a good side. Don’t believe it? I can find a positive side to every negative. Want an example? My Mom recently passed away from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) sometimes known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It’s a horrible disease and my Mom was one of the kindest, most loving people on this earth. It was very hard for me to understand why she was burdened with this disease. So what’s good about that you ask? Well nothing really, except that she was diagnosed with ALS when she was 86 years old. Most ALS victims are stricken with the illness in their 30s & 40s. I will always be grateful that my Mom lived 86 years without the agony of ALS and was only really suffering from it her last 6 months of life. She passed at 88 even though the Doctors gave her about 6 months to live after diagnosis at 86. She was able to see and hold her 4th Great Grandson at birth and watch him grow to be a year and a half. Something we never thought would happen.

So like I said, really find the good in things, look at the glass half full. Start observing your kids and noticing all that they do that is good, instead of focusing on the occasional misbehaviors. The more you notice and praise the good they do, the more good they will do and the happier all of you will be.

Say Goodbye To Negative People

You need to say goodbye to the people in your life that bring you down in some way and/or simply are negative about every aspect of life. You owe it to yourself to feed your mind “healthy interaction.”

Here are a few things you can do to minimize your negative surroundings:

  • Identify the negative people in your life and decide whether or not their company is worth it

  • Speak up when you don’t want to hear it anymore

  • Avoid people or places that you know will bring negativity

  • Stop following people on social media that always post negative posts.

  • Stop watching the news, it is created to focus on the negative and make people feel uneasy with their environments.

  • You’re in control, don’t forget that.

Feed Your Mind With Something Positive “Daily”

You must invest time into something that you want to change and feeding your mind (just as you do your belly) is very important for developing a positive thinking atmosphere for your well-being. Mindset is everything!

How to do this?

  • Listen to something motivational and positive

  • Read content that is positive

  • Meditate

  • Enjoy nature

  • Have a positive and uplifting conversation with someone

Start Speaking Positively

Your mouth has a lot of power over your mind just the same way that someone else’s words can influence you greatly. We live in a world where words dictate much of everything and your words are no different when it comes to yourself. Speak life, not death.

Seek Therapy

If you feel like you need a little help, there is no crime in admitting that and no crime in finding a therapist or coach to help you. There are many professionals out there that help people to overcome debilitating negative thoughts. They implement many techniques to help the individual to stop associating negative situations to their thought patterns.

Write Your Thoughts In A Journal

This is a great way to overcome negativity because by writing down the negative things in your life, you can go back and actually see what you’re thinking and learn why you are thinking this way.

Sometimes we are less likely to admit to things we do that need changing so writing them down can really allow us to see the truth.

This is also a great way to teach your kids to deal with their feelings. Get them a journal, let them understand it is private and does not need to be shared unless they choose too.

Choose to be Grateful

Start writing down 3-10 things you are grateful for EVERY DAY! Engage your kids and partner in this habit as well. Gratitude inspires positivity. Start your gratitude journal today.

Overcome Negativity and Live Happier

With a positive mind comes a positive life and negative thoughts can get in the way of this. That’s why it’s important to become aware of your thoughts and take action to make sure you are not filling your mind with negativity.

When you start to be a more positive person the attitude of your children will also change. The atmosphere of your house will also change. Your relationship with your partner will also change. Change is always a good thing, when it’s a change for the better.

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