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A child's sense of self-worth is often determined by how others view them

Children will go to great lengths to avoid being judged or criticized by peers or adults.

Judgment, criticism, and ridicule are not part of a healthy relationship. 


Children who feel judged by their parents think they have to defend themselves.


When they feel criticized by their parents, they feel like they have done something wrong. And when children are ridiculed by their parents, they feel like the whole world is against them (and maybe even their parents don't love them).


The first step is understanding how your child views judgment, criticism, and ridicule.


When parents are critical of their children, they often don't realize that they're hurting the child's feelings. They may think they're helping the child by teaching them right from wrong or setting boundaries for acceptable behavior. 


The truth is that even when parents mean well, they may be damaging their relationship with their children by criticizing too much — or too harshly — without realizing it.

In just a few seconds, we can cause a wound that might leave scars for life or could make a lasting difference.


This masterclass will teach you how to prepare your child for judgment, criticism, and ridicule.


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