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This Month's Master Class

Death is a scary word, but talking to your kids about it doesn’t have to be. And although approaching this subject may not be easy, talking about it is an important, life-affirming part of the family. 

If you're looking for a way to start that difficult conversation with your children about death, this Masterclass is for you.

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Are you ready to do something DIFFERENT to get it to change? Would you like direct access to Celia, but can't afford private coaching? Here's your answer.

Join Celia Kibler's Tranquility Tribe!

What if the next time you struggled with a situation with your kids, you had a parenting coach in your back pocket to ask?


What if the next time you came home you heard laughing instead of crying?

What if the next time you walked into the play room, your kids were working together to build something?  What if the next time you asked your kids to do something, they actually did it...

the first time you asked? Would that be worth it? Are you ready for it?

Peaceful Parenting Academy

Are you ready to become a pro-active parent rather than reactive, more intentional rather than flying by the seat of your pants, The course you need is here and all online. As a bonus, you can even add personal coaching with it if you'd like.

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Sleep Mastery
Ready to get some sleep? Ready for your kids to get some sleep?
In this Mini-Course, I go over all the ingredients that make up a great night's sleep for everyone, along with solutions to common sleep issues for kids.
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Video Gaming & Your Kids

Is your child addicted to video games & screens? Do you wish you knew which games were age-appropriate?

This Mini-Course teaches you how to know what games are good for your child from a professional gaming expert and dhow to have screen life on your terms not theirs.

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Would you like to have monthly classes that offer in depth training on common issues that parents face every day?
The Master Class Vault gives you access to all previous classes on topics like Budgeting, Picky Eaters, Ending Yelling, Helping your chid with their Aggression, Sleep for everyone & a lot more!
You will have free access to all new monthly Master Classes as they happen live on Zoom, in addition to their recording.
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