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Tuning in to Your Kids




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About the Course

Tuning in to Your Kids: Fostering Mutual Understanding

Dive into the world of "Tuning in to Your Kids," a transformative course that brings the heart of your child’s world into clear view. Learn to balance guidance with empathy, and create an environment where your child feels truly seen and understood.

Why Attunement is Essential

  • Reduces Conflict: Understanding your child’s viewpoint can turn confrontations into constructive discussions.

  • Enhances Self-Worth: Children who feel heard are more likely to develop a positive self-image and confidence.

  • Strengthens Bonds: Mutual understanding deepens familial bonds, fostering a supportive and loving home environment.

What This Course Offers

  • Insightful Strategies: Acquire the skills to discern your child’s non-verbal communication cues and underlying emotions.

  • Communication Balance: Find the sweet spot between imposing directives and offering a listening ear to nurture cooperative behavior.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Develop your own emotional intelligence to better connect with and support your child’s needs.

A Message for Parents

Transform the way you interact with your child by enrolling in "Tuning in to Your Kids." This course isn't just about lessening daily squabbles; it's about changing the trajectory of your relationship with your child. By truly tuning in, you’ll nurture a child who feels valued, confident, and understood.

Take the first step towards a harmonious home. Sign up now and embark on a journey to a deeper connection with your child—one conversation at a time.

Your Instructor

Celia Kibler

Celia Kibler
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